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20 Apr

#CASUALFRIDAYS by Bogdana Costova| Detox Tea Girls

t’s Friday finally, we can all take a deep breath and relax thinking about the upcoming weekend. Strict work dress code as we know is not anybody’s favorite thing, even more if you are a fashion addict. Thankfully some companies have the “Casual Friday” policy which we absolutely support. This is why we are glad to present you our new rubric: “Casual Fridays”. All content might be based on real events or people but is totally an artistic fiction with the sole purpose of having a bit of laugh in our otherwise serious and tense daily routine. Enjoy and if you recognize yourself sometime – don’t take it too personal, be more casual.

No Instagram model has actually ever tried that detox teas they are promoting

Living in the ages of social media and viral popularity, you can now become famous without even achieving anything valuable in your life. For example, you can be an internet star with thousands of followers only because you did a stupid thing at a youtube video, you participated in a porn with a celebrity that was leaked or maybe because you have undergone tens of plastic surgeries that you have only 4 facial expressions now. And all this fame is a confidence fuel for such people and mostly for girls with daddy issues that enjoy uploading personal stuff and nudes on the internet.

Same have the opportunity of proclaiming themselves for “Instagram models” that have the same value as a winning a monopoly game. Part of their “job” is practicing their modeling skills for promoting detox teas, cheap fashion online shops and all short-lived product nonsense. But the truth is, as they live on sugar daddy-based income and according to their feed, their lives are sustained only on sushi and “Moet” champagne and do not have the actual time to be drinking all these teas that they seem to be giving a duckface to in almost every promoted post. And it is still a mystery why the captions on these posts are made up as if they actually enjoy that tea and why are so enthusiastic to share that with their followers since everybody knows it is sponsored.

Yeah, Jessica, we know you are “blessed”, for sure the most exciting thing about your life right now is that detox tea that you are giving me 25% discount for.

Bogdana Costova
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