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11 May

#CASUALFRIDAYS by Bogdana Costova| Met Gala Comments

‘s Friday again  and we are giving you more of our new rubric “Casual Fridays”. All content might be based on real events or people but is totally an artistic fiction with the sole purpose of having a bit of laugh in our otherwise serious and tense daily routine. Enjoy and if you recognize yourself sometime – don’t take it too personal, be more casual.


Basic gal commenting on how badly people are dressed at the Met, while wearing an outfit worth 15$


One of the most spectacular events of the year, besides the fashion weeks, is with no doubt the Met, which takes place every first Monday of May. Numerous celebrities attend the gala and the preparation for the event starts months before the date. Famous stylists, custom-made dresses and a whole army of care takers are hired to run the things smoothly.

On the other side of the story there is the whole world watching and discussing the celebrities’ outfits.

Samantha, 23, also shared her opinion on Facebook about the pricey gowns worn by millioners: “I don’t know what this is all about. I don’t understand it but I don’t like it. And I also find this offensive” – said she about the event and the theme (“Heavenly bodies: Fashion and the Catholic imagination”). “This Rihanna girl, I don’t like her outfit, I think it’s cultural appropriation and also very kitsch with all that decoration” – continued she while wearing worn-out sweatpants with grease stains worth 5$ from Primark.

“I reckon Blake Lively could’ve done it better with her dress” – she commented about the gown that took 600 hours to be made and Blake wore – “and she has gained a few pounds, gross” – concluded Samantha as she started eating her 3rd cheeseburger for dinner. “I would never attend such a meaningless event” – said the woman at the end, as if someone would invite her to something better rather than a date at McDonald’s.

Bogdana Costova
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