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9 Jun

HARD | ХАРД Series – Erotica Collection

Lost Innocence

The end of the summer, a sort of laziness of the days spent by the sea, those afternoons spent in the waves of the ocean and the comfortable shade of the patio, the unique taste of the watermelon and the sweetness of the friendship that binds these three characters.

That feeling of innocence and the childhood period is forgotten, but adulthood still seems far away; in this emotional limbo comes to life the HardClo Series Erotica collection, which consists of a series of T-shirts that cry out the desire for emancipation through strong and purposely turned messages to the sexual sphere.

What remains is an isolated house that overlooks directly the sea and three adolescent who have abandoned the innocence of the youth and they are preparing to become great.
Time pass lazily and the summer turns towards his end, what will be tomorrow is not certain, but these are the rules of this game .


Photo : Spyros Chamalis ( Insta : obiwanlives )
Fashion : Yiorgos Mesimeris ( Insta : yiorgosmesimeris )
Models : Okan_Boz , Kevinstaedler , Magdalenagero @ Ace Models Agency 

Viktor Liba
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