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28 May


This month, in our special ISSUE6 we will introduce to you the emerging contemporary brand “A-LAB Milano” and their creative director Alessandro Biasi. Born in Milan in 1983, he graduated in fashion design with top marks at NABA, distinguishing himself for his creative skills. His brand A-lab Milan was selected by the Italian National Chamber of Fashion and was the winner of the third edition of “Incubatore della Moda”, a competition created to support young talents in the sector. In 2011 the brand was also selected by Anna Wintour and Franca Sozzani among the ‘VOGUE Talents’ and was awarded among the “ones to watch” by VOGUE Italia.



Let’s start with you telling us what lies behind the philosophy of A-lab Milano.

I like to define A-lab Milano as a vocabulary of the modernity: all contemporary fields are sources of inspiration for all my collections, without forgetting the Italian sartorial tradition and the respect for construction and materials. I love to make my women feel free, strong and independent.


What’s your favourite thing about being a designer?

The best moment in a fashion designer life is when you are walking on the street, you meet a woman and you say to yourself: “Ehi, you made that!”


Can you tell us more about the mood of your next collection (SS’18)?

Normally I start with a main concept of the collection and from that I work on the textile graphics which are the focus of A-lab Milano research. For this spring summer eighteen collection my approach to the creation was changed. The idea was to create different graphics and start with those to build different stories. Every subject is able to live alone or mixed with other ones. The style is as always urban – let’s think of baseball hat or the varcity jackets – and sophisticated – long printed silk dresses and precious floral embroidery.


What’s your personal fashion style and what do you like to wear? Are there any types of clothing that you avoid wearing?

My personal fashion style is very basic. I love white t-shirts and jeans. Usually I like to mix simple or formal pieces like a turtleneck with technical or sporty ones. In these last years my style is deeply changed and for sure, I would never wear a garment too flashy or too fashionable.


What do you think about the street and urban styles of fashion?

As I told, I identify my collection as urban and I like the inspiration you get from the street. Despite this, I fear that this trend, in some cases, has homologate the proposal of brands, also very different. And even the highest brands are losing their identity to offer very similar products to satisfy an increasingly lazy market.


What impact do you think social media has on fashion today?

I think that social media offers a more easy way to start but nowadays is more difficult to emerge. Digital world is giving too much importance to the polarity, at the expense of quality and creativity.


You are very experienced in many different fields of fashion. What’s the difference between doing fashion and making show costumes?

With show costumes you fell more free. You don’t need to think of the day by day use of them, or to think they have to be clean. They mast be visually effective. For some shows, even the materials are the most varied and often the fabrics are not necessarily designed for clothing.


You are also teaching digital printing techniques and technology of materials in NABA – the fashion school you graduated with top marks. Is it important to you to know the point of view of the new generation?

This is very important because my young students are the most attentive to trends and innovations. I like to deal with them on this, even if sometimes I still feel even “younger” than them.


Can you give an advice to all those young people in the world of art and fashion, who are just at the beginning of their journey?

I don’t know if I’m the right person to provide suggestions, but my advice to all my students is to always have a clear goal and to move forward, be ready to dodge any obstacles that will arise along the path, have an open mind and go beyond what they see every day.



editor-in-chief: VIKTOR LIBA
photographer: ILARIA DALLA CASA

Viktor Liba
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