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10 Feb

MAM| ISSUE8| Gina Gorgeous| Editorial

We begin 2019 with the third of our special projects, where we introduce you to some of the most interesting contemporary Italian brands and their designers. In our new ISSUE8 you will meet Federica Gualandi, creative director of Gina Gourgeous.

Born in Carpi, Italy in 1986, Federica Gualndi discovered her passion for art at a very young age. Subsequently, she studied Art and Photography at “A. Venturi Art Institute” in Modena, Italy.

In 2011 she makes her debut as a designer with her own customised capsule collection.
After that she worked for Trussardi women’s denim line and Twinset lingerie line. In 2016 she entered a new chapter in her career by opening her first women fashion collection “Gina Gorgeous” manufactured and distributed by LLAB.


1. Let’s start with you telling us what lies behind the philosophy of Gina Gorgeous?

Gina is an ironic and self-deprecating way to see the woman. The term “Gina” in Milan is often used to indicate a woman who is not particularly quick. I like to think that Gina is very POSH and at the same time witty – a street  woman.


2. Mixing different styles is something that you like. Tell us more about your source of inspiration?

My greatest inspirations are: the road, the 70s, the magnificent city of London, melancholy and pure healthy fun- it’s a mix of often conflicting emotions.


3. What do you think about the street and urban styles of fashion?

I think that Gina is definitely “street” to some degree, as street fashion gives comfort to the woman every day. However, I believe that the market is so saturated with brands that offer only street, that I prefer to define my woman as “POSH STREET”.


4. What’s your favourite thing about being a designer?

Believe it a lot, it’s a job that can offer many possibilities and can only do it with creativity … endless creativity. … and infinite faith and patience… infinite patience.


5.What’s the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your company?

Never believe people who tell you “you can not do it” … because in reality, they are the ones that can’t make it.I have always struggled to prove those kind of people wrong.

Always believe in yourself !!!


6.Can you tell us more about the mood of your next collection?

The mood of the upcoming FW 2019 collection has a precise slogan –  “NOT A DREAM” and it greatly provokes femininity and the modern woman look.

It doesn’t lack extreme clothes and very short lengths, coloured and soft knitwear, ironic sweatshirts, precious fabrics used in a non-institutional way …

I don’t want to say much because I want to keep it a surprise.


7. What’s your personal fashion style and what do you like to wear? Are there any types of clothing that you avoid wearing?

I love mixing and playing with different styles … I like to combine huge sweatshirts (commonly used as sportswear) with vertiginous heels, rather than posh dresses with sneakers or absurd shoes.

I definitely hate and avoid garments of my size, I like to use oversize garments.


8. If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career, what would it be?

Surely I should have taken the whole route in a lighter and funnier way …

Less anxiety !!!!!! lol

But anyway, I was very lucky.


9.What impact do you think social media has on fashion today?

Social media has a huge impact on the world of fashion, but I am convinced that the determination and sacrifices, and most importantly – talent can never be replaced by no means.

Who cares if what we perceive today is the exact opposite, the profession and professionalism will always pay in long term.

But I also see a little bit further, and I want to see the positive side of the medium that social media offers you.


10. Can you give an advice to all those young people in the world of art and fashion, who are just at the beginning of their journey?

Do what you like and get excited. Trust yourself and it will surely be worth it.


Gina Gorgeous

MAM Exclusive Editorial

photo: Ilaria Dalla Casa @hello there milano
styling: Sara Mestriner & Pierpaolo Tarea @hello there milano
mua: Riccardo Morandin
Hair: Erisson Musella
model: Iuliia A @nologo mgmt
producer: Guido Baraldi @hello there milano
interview: Viktor Liba
Viktor Liba
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