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26 Sep


Created in a small laboratory in the centre of Milan, TAREA STUDIO is a creative design reality, specialized in female style. Inspired by the attitude of the Artists, it suggests a relaxed vision of clothes, destined to niche atelier. Its soft soul with its playful component represents the distignuishing mark in the construction of casual clothes with details, characteristic of the Made in Italy manufacture.  In our new ISSUE9 you will meet Pier Paolo Tarea, creative director of Tarea Studio Milano.


Tell us, what’s behind the philosophy of TAREA Studio?

There’s my imaginary and my life’s idea, suggested by the mythical phrase “joie de vivre”. The objective is to propose a relaxed approach, inspired by the attitude of artists, bringing to the outside the comfort and the familiarity of home’s and atelier’s clothes, enriching it in elegance and esteem. My proposal is oriented to “the search of lost time” in a very mess world, communicating the demand of a modern individualism.

The collection, entirely Made in Italy, privileges artisanal manufacturing and natural materials. The objective is to turn to a refined, contemporary and independent woman, attentive to her uniqueness and in search of sophisticated and quality products.


Which is your favourite thing of being designer?

My favourite thing is to give emotions to people, involving them in my imaginary made of universal memories and making them happy.

What’s the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your company?

Creativity and style aren’t enough, you need to have a plenty of entrepreneurship, to improve every day. Be tenacious and never lose sight of your focus.

Can you tell us more about the mood of your next collection?

In the next collection the DNA of my style, distinguished by the homewear and by the menswear will be strictly reinforced by the utilisation of shapes and materials, obviously without giving up on womanliness and elegance.


Which is your personal style of fashion and what do you like wearing? Are there any kind of clothes you avoid to wear?

I love wearing deconstructed clothes made of quality materials, using colors or printed tissues in an incisive way.

I don’t like constraints and frills. Things too glamour and excessive make me embarrassed, I prefer being understatement.

What impact do you think social media has on fashion today?

Social medias, on their positive side, allow today every designer to tell in an easy and fast way their own vision to thousands of people worldwide. On their negative side they risk to homologate everything and to renounce their precise identity in favour of democratization of the images.

Can you give an advice to all those young people in the world of art and fashion, who are just at the beginning of their journey?

I suggest to never stop being curious, to be humble, to begin immediately to learn the job on the ground and not be in a hurry!


Tarea Studio
Model: Viktoria
Agency: Elite Models
Photo: Federico Modena
Styling: Cecilia Torsello
MUA/hair: Silvia Mancuso
Jewels: thanks to @salesi_creations
Production: Guido Baraldi @guidobaraldi @hellotheremilano


Viktor Liba
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