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4 Oct

#MAMSTORY – the Armani icon Fabio Mancini

Fabio Mancini is an Italian male supermodel. He is recognized for being one of the few successful internationally working Italian. He is also the face in most of the Giorgio Armani advertising campaigns and fashion shows since the beginning of his model career. Mancini’s modelling career started at the age of 23, when he was first discovered on the streets of Milan. He has worked for numerous designers including Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood, Dirk Bikkembergs, Ermanno Scervino, Carolina Herrera, Pierre Cardin and many more.


Hello, Fabio!  It’s a real pleasure having you for our first #MAMSTORY –  where we want to give our readers insides of the lives of some of the coolest, most interesting and talented people in the world of fashion. 
So shall we start from the very begining – tell us about your childhood years.


I was born in Germany – Bad Homburg, but moved to Milan, at the age of 4. My father is of Italian descent, and my mother is of Indian and Italian descent.


What are your dreams of the future?


My biggest dream is to have a family and lots of children. The career I have now is another dream of mine, that came true, so I can imagine myself telling the story of my life and my career to my future children.



Who discovered you for the world of fashion and how?


I started my career as a model about 6 and a half years ago. I was scouted by an agent while I was walking the streets of Milan – he noticed me and immediately sent me to the offices of Giorgio Armani, directing me on that beautiful path that I am currently walking.


When you look back, whats your greatest achievement by far?


My first show in 2009 for the Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2010 collection. It was amazing, filled with beautiful sensations! I’ll never forget it! But I must admit the world campaign for Armani Jeans & Emporio Armani Underwear gave me the launch, that got me to the top.


Can you remember your first paycheck from modeling, and what did you spend it on?


I can’t necessarily remember  what I spent it on, but the agent at my first modeling agency (Beatrice) was very happy since Armani pays well 😉 At the current market, Armani remains one of the last brands, that actually pay their models well.


Is modeling difficult and what challenges have you faced during your career?


The fashion business is a woman’s world. It’s like if you go to a restaurant and you order A T-Bone steak with a side of a potato salad, men would be the potato salad 😀 (joking) Usually in fashion it’s very difficult for men to became “TOP MODEL”.


You are very positive and out-going. Do you go out clubbing often, exploring the #milannightlife or are you more of a stay-at-home kind of guy? How you manage to be so open and positive to everyone and everything you do, and If you go out a lot, what are your favorite places in Milan?


I don’t like parties, I prefer quieter places, where you can actually have a conversation and chill. My favorite restaurants are: SUSHISHOP in Milan, ( favorite sushi ), Sorbillo ( the best pizza! ), Delicatessen ( amazing Italian food experience )



What is your fashion style? What do you like to wear?


I don’t really have a favorite brand, but I love to mix new clothes with vintage pieces, and since I have Indian roots, I love mixing Indian inspired fashion with vintage fashion.


What do you think about the street and urban styles of fashion?


Fashion is always evolving and now it’s headed in that “street style “ direction. Not really my style, I prefer traditional things, vintage, although I’m not against it – it’s a natural course of fashion.


Do you think success changed you in any way?


No. I’ve always stayed down to earth since the beginning of my career. I come from a normal family, with strong educational values, and my parents have taught me to always help people, if possible. So I’m always ready to give an advice to someone, who’s asked. I receive lots of fan messages, asking me questions about modeling, and I always answer!


You’ve worked with designers like Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood, Dirk Bikkembergs, Philipp Plein and many others. How is it working for the best?


I’m lucky – I found out how different brands think, and how fashion is in constant evolution, always changing targets and styles. A lot of the clothes presented are unwearable for me, but I really love the way fashion is presented to people, and the passion designers put in their work.


In this #mamstory we’ll place a selection of your best 10 photos for Armani. Which one is your personal favorite? Which one brings you the best memories?


I cant say which one is my favorite, and the ones we have here are just a fraction of my best photos. This is a great reason to follow me on social media, and see the rest 😉 — @fabiomancini ( Instagram ) – FabioManciniOfficial ( Fabio Mancini ) on Facebook


What do you prefer – to pose in a shoot or to be on the catwalk?


They both carry different and beautiful emotions. In Fashion Shows you have a lot of people focusing on you, but when you shoot it’s only you and the photographer focusing only on the camera.


Thank you for the great interview, Fabio! Can you give one quick advice to all of the young designers, models and talented people in general, who want to become part of the fashion industry one day?


Never give up guys, because if you really believe in that dream, you should do everything possible, to make it happen! #KarmaComesBackAlways.


Viktor Liba
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  • Carolin

    I love Fabio! The best italian model out there. Good luck 😉

    October 17, 2017 at 7:37 pm Reply

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